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Taking Woodworking Classes on what You Already Know

*** previously published on Popular Woodworking’s Blog*** Continuing education should be a priority in your life – especially in areas such as favorite hobbies! The longer you travel down the path of a particular subject, however, you gain more knowledge … Continue reading

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Upside Down Tool Usage

***previously posted to Popular Woodworking’s Blog***  We have these adages in the woodworking world: Hand-tool woodworkers prefer taking the tool to the wood, power-tool users prefer taking the wood to the tool; Westerners operate on the push, Easterners on the … Continue reading

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Get in Touch with your Woodworking Feelings

***previously posted to Popular Woodworking’s Blog***   Today I want to talk about feelings. The warm fuzzies we get from our craft. The soul-lifting, Ch’i enhancing, conscious-expanding personal development we get from woodworking. How the mere act of taking what … Continue reading

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World of Woodcraft

***previously published on Popular Woodworking’s Blog*** I foresee a real paradigm shift in the craft hobbies coming in the very near future that could dramatically swell the ranks of the clan we call woodworkers, and possibly preserve the knowledge we … Continue reading

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