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– build a crosscut sled for your bandsaw

I love my bandsaw. I love my bandsaw because it’s like an unpaid apprentice. It does all the boring work plus saves me money by milling rough stock. One of the most useful appliances I use with my bandsaw is … Continue reading

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– my adventure to the Woodwright School
      w/t Roy Underhill & Bill Anderson

My first real ‘project style’ course involved a pilgrimage to St. Roy’s cathedral in Pittsboro, NC. I took a class ‘Making a Traditional Toted Smoothing Plane’ from Bill Anderson which also included a good helping of entertainment from Roy Underhill … Continue reading

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– heat treating plane irons

Show Notes – This is a somewhat short video on my experience learning to heat treat some small moulding plane irons. In the video I discussed some details gained from around the net. Here are some key facts: The plane … Continue reading

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