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Tool Storage for the Rest of Us

Tool storage – is it the most controversial subject in the craft? People have debated it. Great books have been dedicated to it. Philosophies have developed and wars fought over it (well, at least flame wars). I’m quite sure many woodworkers … Continue reading

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Upside Down Tool Usage

***previously posted to Popular Woodworking’s Blog***  We have these adages in the woodworking world: Hand-tool woodworkers prefer taking the tool to the wood, power-tool users prefer taking the wood to the tool; Westerners operate on the push, Easterners on the … Continue reading

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Turn a Carving Mallet

Another of our short, silent film style, artsy-fartsy, videos. This one on making a carving mallet on the lathe.

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Making a Grooving Plane

Making planes is fun and rewarding because you get to make exactly what you use and it’ll likely far outlast your lifetime. There are many different ways of making planes. In this video I make a grooving plane using both … Continue reading

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Making a Try Square

Follow along as I go thou making a French Style Try Square out of curly maple and cherry. You can make your own or support this little woodworking school by purchasing one on our website ‘’ or visiting our relocation … Continue reading

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Dovetails Demystified

Dovetails are a joint anybody can learn to make and in this video we show you two methods in addition to discussing tool options and methods of repairing errors.

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Woodturning Demystified – a turning overview

My Dad and I have been making a lot of wooden mallets these past weeks for an upcoming school fundraiser. In live demo’s I usually take this opportunity to explain what I’m doing and encourage the audience to give it … Continue reading

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111 Days to go… TABLE TOP TIME

Since I found a location and signed the lease for the school in San Marcos it has been a mad dash to get prepared. Every moment besides promotional opportunities like Barton Creek Artist Market at the Barton Creek Mall in … Continue reading

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Available and Affordable Lumber for Fine Woodworking at a Big Box Store

Fine woodworkers treat construction lumber with absolutely no respect. It’s as if the wood that is most readily available, inexpensive and useful is the red-headed stepchild of its peers. We use it as the backbone of modern society, the structure … Continue reading

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– veritas gent saws – rip and crosscut

Veritas just released a new Gent Saw that I purchased as part of their introductory special. My first impression was really positive but I do have some issues with the gent design. Episode notes: Lee Valley Veritas Gent Saws Crown … Continue reading

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