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-- support via Woodworking Community Crowd-funding

In order to donate please email me prior to mailing item(s). I'll verify the tool is still needed, whose name you want engraved and listed as sponsor, what rewards you'd like and where to mail it to.

my email is sg at wortheffort dot com.

Tools Still Needed to fill:

12 Classroom sets

12 Take Home Tool Kits

15 No. 4/5 (Bailey pre war)
6 No. 7/8 (Bailey pre war)
6 Brace 10" (prefer Stanley)
10 Russel Jennings Auger Set
14 Panel Saws 24"+ (prefer Disston)
5 Large Router Plane

This is my version of crowd-funding for the woodworking community. I'm not asking for money but donations of unused tools you probrably have laying around with rewards for your donation I believe to be of equal value. Anything I can save acquiring these basic tool kits I can reinvest into specialty tools that the more advanced weekly and special invite long-weekend instructors have requested.

The biggest hangup to getting new woodworkers into the sport is they don't have the tools. This should solve that problem, growing our community, providing incentive for other business such as lumber yards, tool manufactures and other schools to continue to expand and entertain us.

Your tool donations will go towards a 13 sets of classroom tools plus about 18-24 small kits that I can loan out to students in order for them to practice (homework). This donations will never be sold but as I reinvest and accumulate a more uniform set of school tools I do reserve the right to gift them to deserving students.

I'm not trying to amass a huge collection of tools with this campaign, just enough for the 3-4 weekly month-long classes I'll personally be teaching at the school.


Note: Every tool donated will be engraved with the donors name so that every student who touches it will know that some woodworker out there believes enough in the craft of woodworking to contribute to his/her education. I'll send each of you a picture of your engraved tool and will point out the engravings at the beginning of each course.

Also, some of the rewards such as guages and squares will not be delivered immediately, but right after the grand opening in August. I'm still making them and will batch them with the school set.

Tools Donated


Brace or Panel Saw

First off you'll know that unused tool is actually being regularly used, and by a new woodworker to boot. Secondly you will have my extreme gratitude along with public recognition on my website and in an upcoming video produced for the schools YouTube Channel. If you like I can make these recognition in the name of a company with a link to a website or blog. (Limited to G rated links)

If you include $7 for return shipping I'll send you a mesquite/maple French Square too.




Auger Bit Set

You'll recieve all the rewards above plus a custom wood mallet. I've been turning these mallets for a while now in anticipation of this campaign. Most are made of wood I've harvested such as mesquite, pecan and hickory. You can see a YouTube Video of ones making here.

While I'm not requireing it I'd really appreaciate if you'd include $7 for shipping on the mallet.

Router Plane

You'll recieve the rewards mentioned above including: online recognition, mallet and square.


And if you have the following items that you'd like to donate please contact me directly so I can work out some kind of reward commensurate to the item.

  • Vintage Miter Box and saw (Miller Falls, Stanley, Langdon, etc.) - I could use a few for my kids classes
  • Vintage Pole Drill - I could use these with my kids classes

So if you have something like this that you are not using please set it aside. That No. 4 you put on a back shelf after upgrading to a Veritas or Lie-Nielsen. Or perhaps those panel saws you bought thinking you'd go full boat hand tool before realizing that you really love your bandsaw. Instead of eBaying it why not let it pass through a few thousand students hands over the coming decades and get a cool reward in return. You could even use this to help convince your spouse to let you upgrade to a Veritas, Lie Nielsen or Hotley....

Please, only tools that are in fine working condition (not concerned with cosmetics much). A tool you would readily put in the hands of a new woodworker with no fettling other than sharpening a blade. I'm capable of restoring planes, saws and chisels but time constraints just won't allow it before the schools grand opening. I'm not trying to be picky here, after all you are being exceptionally generous, but a defective tool in the hands of a new woodworker is just going to create frustration which is something I can't have.

Other items wortheffort could use but are not in the reward program are:

  • Dovetail Saws
  • Marples/Irwin Blue Chip Chisel Set
  • Twin Screw Clamps
  • 12-24" Irwin Quick Clamps
  • 6" metal adjustable squares
  • coping saws
  • 151 type spoke shaves
  • LA Block Planes

I updated the reward program to make it even more attractive from what was discussed in video.

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