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-- how you can support wortheffort:

We'd love to be able to commit 100% of our time to making media. Especially stuff targeting middle and high school classrooms that parents and teachers can use as a teaching aide. But reality is, this kind of work is very time intensive, requires constant investments in material and equipment, and if you're lucky will earn ya a hundred or two a month from the media delivery companies. Our first financial priority has to be food, rent, utilities and such. Due to a minimalist lifestyle this doesn't take much but it is a month to month adventure to cover basic living expenses and then have time left over to dedicate to the mission.


Patreon is a fan based subscription model that rewards creators directly for their work.

We utilize this asset differently that most creators who depend upon a monthly subscription. Because our content is much more information intensive than the majority of craft videos maintaining a schedule is difficult. Especially since occasionally we need to take breaks to make rent. So asking for a monthly subscription does not seem 'right' to us.

Therefore we're using Patreon as a tip jar allowing you to throw us a shekel for each video we produce.

If you donate .50 per video and we produce a standard 4 videos in a month, then there's $2 for us to invest in our next video. Plus you'll know you're helping fund a type of content that'll be beneficial for others down the road. Truly paying if forward.

If we don't provide you anything for your eyes in a month then you donate nada. You can also cap your donations at any amount you want so if we mass publish a kazillion videos (so unlikely) you won't be hit with an unexpected expense.

To me, this seems fair.

Plus, we'll provide some added value for 'patreons'.

So if you think our endeavors are worthwhile, consider become a "patron".

Because our long term goal is a series of videos to provide content to accompany a future textbook potentially used in a classroom I can't accept sponsorship advertisement on them which really limits us on income channels. The artsy-fartsy series is different and I might consider it if it's tools I'm already sold on which once again limits the works commercial viability.

So your support and patronage really makes a difference in what we can accomplish.

The number one way you can support this enterprise is simply to watch and consume our content in exchange for help spreading the word we even exist. Word of Mouth advertising is the absolute best marketing. So keep reading and watching, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on FaceBook, follow us on Instagram, do the other social media, and tell a friend about our effort.

Now if you really believe our effort has value and are interested in providing support so we can continue producing our educational media there are a couple ways to do that. You can visit our online store or any of the live festivals, markets and events we frequent. We have lots of hand crafted woodworking for sale along with building material, tools, and apparel.

If you just want to make a one time donation we have three methods of accomplishing that task. There is a blue 'Support' button on our YouTube Channel Page, You can also make a credit card donation from our online store, Or you can send us a PayPal Donation.



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