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Mailing List:

On a semi-monthly basis I'll send out a newsletter via our mailing list. This list was originally started to support a brick and mortar woodworking school for the local community but has since morphed into a means of staying in contact with the public. It's more formal and in it we provide updates of what we've done in video, print, and in public. We also keep you abreast on our progress of long term goals such as the Textbook and Video Series for the classroom. Sign up is to the right.

social media:

Facebook - This is my main social media communication medium for locals.

YouTube - All video's will be hosted here so if you just want to see video's... here ya go.

Twitter - I don't use twitter to communicate content. I'm just too long winded. It's mainly for interaction with other woodworkers, content creators, and such. If you want a taste or link to stuff I find interesting, then this is the place.

Instagram - A community to share what's going on daily. Mainly social and inspirational (yes we all get ideas from others).

email: sg at wortheffort dot com or use form below.

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