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Wortheffort specializes in creating content using the act of learning the woodworking craft to reinforce academia. We do this thru online videos and articles for our blog and various print media. And long-term we are progressing toward the publishing of a very unique woodworking textbook for the modern generation.

Utilizing the woodworking craft we'll show that most knowledge is derivative. That the knowledge, skills, and activities of woodworking are directly related to what a doctor, physicist, astronaut, politician, and engineers need to know. We're attempting to do it in a manner that the audience will see easily without being obvious. Subversively they’ll think they’re learning about woodworking but in actuality they’re learning about everything else. That what they know has value. That learning is cumulative and transferable. The woodworking skill you gain is a bonus.

In order to subsidize that effort we sell containers such as boxes, bowls, urns, vases, cabinets, plus other various woodwork and art. Containers are important. They hold what we value from memories to possessions and art to information the container we protect em with show's the value of our life's treasures and deserve to be beautiful as well as functional.

At wortheffort we take pride in not only the finished product but also how it was made. Most all of our work is made from trees that fall down locally due to disease, disaster, or construction and those that aren't are made from as much locally milled native wood as possible. The construction is done in traditional manners that have proven to produce durable heirloom items. We often use both the products and the build process for our multimedia effort. Many times you will see the products we sell featured as subject material in videos and articles. So having these items will serve you well and be a reminder of woodworking's relationship to the traditional education curriculum such as science, mathematics, physics, social studies, history, etc...

Remember, it's always 'wortheffort' to learn, create, and share with others. Be safe and have fun.

If you find value in the educational media that wortheffort produces, both classroom and stand alone, please consider supporting the channel.

We can only continue to create content with help from viewers like you.

Classroom Series of Videos
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