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Jeff Miller is coming to teach in May!

I am really excited that Jeff Miller is visiting us to teach some of his fantastic chair making techniques. He's going to be building a deceptively simple "looking" stool to illustrate the techniques, methods, and style that has made him such a legendary furniture maker.

Here's what he's said about the class.

"ThisĀ  simple, sturdy stool (you can use it for a small table as well) is designed to give your mortise and tenon skills a workout, with a little bit of dovetail work thrown in for fun. The two side frames are assembled with mortises and tenons, and the front and back rails pull the piece together with angled dovetails.

Jeff will show some great techniques for cutting and fitting the mortise and tenon and dovetail joints, and show a number of simple jigs that can help with accuracy and speed.

Throughout the class, Jeff will emphasize an approach based on solid woodworking fundamentals. This concentration on proper use of your body, a better understanding of your tools, and insight into wood as a material, will help you to work more accurately and efficiently."

You don't want to miss this rare opportunity in Texas to learn from such a knowledgeable craftsman.

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In the beginning there was an idea and dream, then a website/pop-up shop, and finally... the goal of creating the perfect place to inspire and educate others about the incredibly rewarding world of fine woodworking. Much like art instructors who teach painting in a museum so that students can learn from the masters, wortheffort will be a school/art gallery both digitally and in the brick-n-mortar world. Picture a dozen workbenches in the middle of fantastic art gallery dedicated to some of the best woodworking being produced today and you'll get a glimpse of my dream. Not only will the students be inspired but they will also learn to appreciate the effort and skill artists put forth to create their masterpieces. Additionally, it'll be a single resource for interior designers, collectors and the general public to find and be educated about said woodworking masterpieces.

The approach wortheffort will take in education is not what I'd consider trade education. While the goal is to create a new generation of fine woodworkers and afficianatoes, it will be in the craftsman/artisan side of the 'hobby'. A general education for the mass populous wanting to be able to make heirloom artifacts for family and friends to appreciate for centuries to come. Not necessarily the fastest most profitable way to make batches of durable fine woodworking goods. Hence I view the information presented as that for a practical artisan woodworker who enjoys the expressiveness that can be achieved by mastering a simple tool, be it powered by hand or burnt electron.

So here it is... wortheffort.com. The digital side to my adventure showing you that it is always 'Worth the Effort' to learn, create and share with others.

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